This sleek HIGH/LOW ADA compliant design featuring 16" diameter bowls with fine tapered edges, will add dignity and grace to your decor. This striking fountain is hand polished to the desired finish. For more than 50 years, the 107-16-HL fountain has been specified in the high profile buildings and monuments around the world. Available with "HANDS FREE" Photocell Activation... helps stop vandalism and water waste.

Data Sheet (.pdf)

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3-Part Specification (.docx)


RECEPTORS: 16 ga, 16” diameter seamless double bowl design with welded rim, ground and polished to a finely tapered edge with 1/32” radius. ADA compliant with 18" projection from cover plate to rim
UNDERBOWLS: raised from support arm by 1/2” collar to provide an aesthetically pleasing profile
SUPPORT ARMS: 14 ga, 4-3/8” wide by 2-5/8” high. One fountain 6” lower - specify left or right
MOUNTING PLATE: 1/4” steel plate 31-1/2"W x 15-1/2"H with 3/8” steel tongues projecting into support arms
COVER PLATE: 16 ga 32"W x 3/8"D x 16"H... fits over mounting plate, secured by fountain arms

• BOTTLE FILLER: With push back lever valve, mounted on cover plate above low bowl
• MATCHING COVER PLATE: Hides mounting plate and functions as a "splash guard" protecting the finish wall
• MATCHING ACCESS PANEL: For easy access to plumbing hookups
• "ENERGY SAVING" CHILLER/PURIFIER: Provides chilled/filtered filtrine water
• CHOICE OF FINISHES: Stainless Steel / Bronze / Powder Coat

For spout height, spout location, controls and clearances as specified in the Federal Register.
Please note that many states now permit the use of a single 36” high fountain to serve both handicapped and non-handicapped users.

Ready-To-Issue Spec

Supply and install where shown on plans, dual wall mounted circular drinking fountains. Receptor to be 16” diameter with integral drain and seamless double bowl design with welded rim, ground and polished to a finely tapered edge with 1/32” radius. Underbowls to be raised from support arm by 1/2” collars to provide an aesthetically pleasing profile. Support arms not to exceed 4-3/8” wide by 2-5/8” high. Individual fountain height [support arm and bowl] not to exceed 5-3/4”. Bowls to be manufactured of 16 gauge ________, hand polished to a ________ finish with matching 14 gauge sup- port arms. Bubblers to have matching finish with ________ valves. All water contact surfaces shall be lead-free, stainless steel (brass bubblers and flow regulator not acceptable). Fountains shall include mounting plate with projecting 3/8” steel tongue to insure rigidity of fountain . Fountains shall have no nameplate, lettering or symbols of any kind and carry a Lifetime Warranty. Fountain shall be model 107- 16-HL as manufactured by Filtrine Mfg. Co. Keene, NH 03431 USA.